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Coordinator: Wafa Marketing and Promotion


Established in 2008, WAFA is a premier marketing and promotion firm launched with a core objective to provide of delivering reliable and up-to-date services in investment promotion and investors relations, brand development, organizing local events, and advertisement production. These services, on which the company acquired expertise, have been provided to the public and the private sectors as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) civil society organizations (CSOs).

The Investment Promotion and Investors Relations Department, WAFA’s iconic triumph in promoting doing business in Ethiopia linking with the global business environment, serves as a trustful platform in supporting foreign and local businesses. Our experienced and skilled professional experts are here pledged and committed to help you in any way you need, from beginning to end.


Ras Abebe Aregay St. Biftu Building 8th Floor,
Opposite Addis Ababa University
School of Commerce
Addis Ababa

Tel:- +251 115 52 6875/+251 115 52 0168
+251 115 51 0660/+251 938 32 3232
Fax: +251 115 52 5140
Email: info@wafapromotion.com